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Most Recent Release

The most recent version is agroXML 1.5.

All releases of agroXML are provided under a modified W3C license. This essentially means you can use it freely to your liking - even for commercial purposes - provided you give proper credit to the authors. Of course, we would be thankful if you give us feedback anyways or share your ideas on extensions with us.

The exact wording of the license can be found at the top of each schema file and here.

Development Snapshots

Development snapshots are exported nightly from the subversion agroXML trunk. Therefore, they contain all the up-to-date commits. Currently, only the agroXML schemas are packed up, recent agroRDF work is not yet contained within. Snapshots are provided within a single zip-file:

You use the snapshots at your own risk. They may contain inconsistencies and unresolved references to non-existing data types and elements and could therefore break your software builds. So do not use these within a production environment. The snapshots are however perfectly suited for finding out about latest additions and new documentation coming in.

Also, if you want to help us with development and/or have additional requirements for agroXML that you want to be included, you should take a look at the snapshots first.


agroRDF is not yet available for download. You can however get access through our source code management system. Alternatively, you can browse agroRDF using the tools at the iGreen data server.

Older Versions

Version Schema Location ZIP-file