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You can join development. Our roadmap gives future plans. Do not hesitate to contact us if you think you can contribute to one or the other item mentioned there. Also, if you intend to use agroXML for something not yet implemented properly or not yet planned we are eager to learn more about your plans. Depending on available resources, maybe we can offer creating an extension.

For proper revision history, easy diffing and accessibility without depending on certain editing tools we maintain agroXML and agroRDF in plain text files within our source code management system.

If you have proposals for extension of agroXML, your options of introducing them to us are as follows (in order of preference):

  1. Do your modifications in a recent source code checkout and send us a patch file
  2. Send us a separate XML schema file containing just your new element and/or type definitions or extensions to existing elements and types
  3. Send us text and/or diagrams describing your requirements

As far as possible, extensions should be built with backward compatibility on an XML instance level in mind. So you can safely reorganize the schema or add further optional elements as long as these additions do not render instances created based on older versions of the schema invalid.

In any case, extensions have to be checked by us and eventually be discussed and modified and can only go into the next following release. This is some work and requires certain resources to be available, so be prepared that the process of inclusion takes some time and have a technical plan at hand on how to implement your software in the face of a changing underlying schema during that process.