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Use Cases

During development of agroXML a number of use cases has been devised. agroXML's datatypes and elements however can be flexibly reused within other XML vocabularies or to a certain extent be combined to create new documents for other use cases. So feel free to use agroXML within your agricultural software project or application for something completely different than the cases described below (and drop us a note if you have done so successfully and/or wish to discuss your ideas with us).

Extensive Documentation Of Crop Growing

Demand for documentation of activities during cultivation of crops like seeding, fertilization, harvesting etc. is constantly rising. The same goes for livestock farming, where relevant events to document may include birth of animals, veterinary treatments, feeding etc. On the one hand, information like amounts of fertilizers applied, variety used, veterinary drugs handed out etc. is requested by buyers of agricultural goods like mills or slaughterhouses. On the other hand, in certain settings, information like this may be used within web platforms or quality programs to achieve a certain marketing advantage by transparency on production processes. Whether the purpose of your application is fulfilling demands for obligatory information or voluntarily achieving transparency, agroXML is the perfect fit for that kind of use case. It provides the necessary elements to construct files or web services that provide the necessary information. As an agricultural software developer you thus do not have to think about interface design and data structures. As an added bonus, data can be reused for other purposes as well, while control on content handed out to third parties stays within your application and therefore, if necessary in the hands of the farmer.

Data Sharing Within Cooperatives

Say, you write a software application for cooperative farming or for enterprises that manage several farms at different places. There may arise a need for data sharing among different production sites or components of your application. agroXML allows to build a web services based peer-to-peer network to exchange data on sites, fields, crops grown, animals kept etc. Data items can be picked from the schemas and provided within a service oriented architecture either within a full-blown SOAP messaging stack or using lightweight, flexible approaches like ReSTful web services.

Providing Data On Farming Products And Supplies

As a provider of agricultural supplies and goods or an extension service or governmental organization, you may want to offer an additional service to your clients by delivering extended information on the things you sell or have knowledge on. While you could do that in printed form on data sheets and documents or via a standard interactive web sites or e-mail newsletters, you can also do so in machine-readable, electronic form. The information can then easily be imported into management systems relieving your client from cumbersome manual data entry. agroXML provides the standardized way to offer this added value by providing elements for representing data on e. g. varieties, fertilizers, etc.