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agroXML has been designed, improved, extended, used for implementation of interfaces and discussed within the following projects funded by third parties. We thank the funding organizations for their support. More information can be found at the respective project home pages.


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InfrAgrar deals with livestock farming. The goal is extending the agroRDF work done within iGreen by necessary classes and properties for animals, stables and events like feeding, weighing etc.


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agroXML has been extended by an accompanying semantic model, agroRDF. Mappings to external vocabularies like FAO's AGROVOC thesaurus have been implemented.

Transparent Food

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Requirements for seamless tracking and tracing from farm to fork have been analysed. Barriers for IT supported solutions were found in a lack of semantic description and a common vocabulary within the food sector. Also, handling of agricultural goods can cause problems for traceability. Fields can e. g. change sizes or ownership therefore adversely affecting tracing precision.

pre agro II

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Focus of the pre agro project was precision agriculture. With regard to agroXML, solutions for representation of geospatial data and for integration with OGC geospatial web services have been developed.


Goal of the InVeKoS project was a simplification of IACS administrative procedures for the farmer by creating tools to handle implementation of forms for the IACS process in farm management information systems. Also, code list query mechanisms were examined.

IT FoodTrace

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Extensions covering livestock farmin were developed. This included basic abstractions like animals and events but also more concrete elements and data types for representation of veterinary treatments, dairy farming or pig fattening.


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The SmartAgriFood project is intended to deliver smart solutions for information management and exchange along the food value chain.